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Why you reading ma description? i luv eddsworld

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Why you reading ma description? i luv eddsworld

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Hai guyz its me Blu-chu and stuff :3 this ma description of ma hatena account. I am also upsessed with eddsworld :D and yes i know edds dead :( anyway heres da theme song :D



Eddsworld, Eddsworld!

Wait whos world is it?


with TOM (blue hoodie)

both angry and rude,

maybe its his smartz,

maybe its the tude,

one thing is for certain,

He doesent make sense,

Half the time is gibberish

the other halfz Igooblyblench

Tom: What?


purple hoode + green overcoat

No one likes him as much as himself

he got a formidable chin,

but he doesnt know word,

Cuz hes got the intellegence of a kitchen shelf

Matt: Hey!


green hoodie,

usually the leader,

probably thon 1st

of em all to poke fun!

Hes the artist,

He loves cola,

and hes always trying to make a pun,

probabbly due to his linguistic


Edd:Thats terrible


i dont know the wordz ok bai!


Age: 11

Country: England

best creator rank: 94 (good enough :D)

Fave creator out of all: ALL :D

Nowduh real meh.

I am a blue haired pikachu maybe i look like zara but beleive meh.. I AM A EEEEVAAAALL!

You probably think im a boy. BUT WHAT GIRL DOESNT LIKE LUGIAS AND PIKACHUS AND WELL POKEMON! i have made 1 chara thatz not a pokemon.The name wuz.. uh oh yeah Cookie! oh wait hes and eevee


Well i'll work on one soon enough!

Yush i amawshum


















Me! (JK i never liked myself...)


.3. i hav a DA :D



Yay :D

I started out az a Local kid born in Ireland in le 2001

I was sum artist bak then in le little playschool.. when i was five i was in school drawing anytime i wanted, I always loved to draw, But every year i didnt have enough time... Soon when i was 8 i moved 2 England in London I was excited because most of my relatives live there, I made loads of friends than in my old school. Since then i come home drawing all the time soon about 2 months later my sister got a DSi, I kept on going on it and i didnt know at the time but i was watching Zara, Bugzy and Twix's flipnotes! I didnt know cuz i didnt have an account then... Soon anbout 2 years later (10 yearz old dB) I never asked 4 a DSi because i like my Black DS lite but I realized the Flipnote studio.. I was making flipnote all the time but my gift (NOT) wasnt supposed 2 be kept a secret... So 2 months Later i joined le beautiful people of Hatena. I wasnt much back then But i got most of the techniques and all then snap! Look where i am now! I love making flipnotes! I never want to leave this place its been wonderful here and ive made lots of friends too! Now im at 50 fans (or more) my highest rank was 31 dB thank you hatena

Todayz news (July 1st)

A few minutes ago i just woke up... then i got up started 2 play le DS then made my brekky and went on the laptop which is right up to now i am typing this and maybe when im finished i already typed. Thing i plane to do Today Ride all my Pegusistaz, Fly like superman and go and submit are on dA, Or go swimming like every random sunday... It is 1 month and 2 days till my B-Day (3rd of August) so yh um uh.... well yh know.... stuff and that crap. Anyway!!! It is now 7:00 here and im the only one awake dX i am bored typing, IMMA WATCH SUM FLIPZ!! Cyuh

Today (July 4th)

Today i finished Summer camp 4 le summer because tomorrow imm going on holidayz! dB while im gone im sending my DS 2 reapair cuz its acting funny and strange lately, Anyway 2 americanz: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!! dB im excited but imma miss everyone '.3. well bai guyz! ILL MISS U ALL SO MUCH!!! ill probably be able 2 post comments so watch out 4 meh dB, From ur bluest chu -ChuChu


I have many chara's but ill mention about 7 or 8

1. Bluechu:

A pikachu blue hair and completely evil in sum kind of way shes a girl (yes may look like a boy but no)

2. Flare: Flare is a fox not an eevee or wolf he wears a black hoodie sometimes (thanks Flamez dB)and a red scarf. I use him more than my other chara's because hes mostly Red unlikeblue like Bluechu

3. Kailas: Flare's smarter twin with a blue tie and hes also a fox but no orange around him. He calls himse;f "the most good looking one" than Flare

4. Lugia(123): My old user name on hatena based as a shiny lugia looks a bit like guapus le Lugia, I started out with him and i dont draw him as much now but i will always love him >U<

5. Charloette: You may not no her she is one of my new chara's which is an Eevee she has a kind of light brown hair i think you may know when you read this (Look at 1 of my PV's)

6. Scarlett: She's charoelettes sister but they dont look alike and i havent shown her yet so you can wait she has a crush on Kailas which ad he sais "the most good looking one" ill make a flip of her soon

7. Mike: I havent shown him either but hes a wolf that has alot of hair i will also make a flip of him soon he has a crush on charloette but she already knows dX

thats 7 of mai chara's


when did u post such CRAPPY art?

Well it all started out wait.. CRAPPY?

ok what insprired u 2 join this epik website?

La insparation of many but before i had my DS or account i always used 2 watch zara's flips and never knew it was zara

what did u start out like?

a crappy Lugia drawn really badly until meh explosion happened and TA-DA nothing happened

who ish ur HBFF?

IS the one and only dB!

who ish ur crush?


Whats that best flip u eva made?

Fly happy?

Are u single?

no answer*

are u awsome?

what kind of awsome

Shud i stop

Very easy 2 answer.... YESH!

ill go now!

yeah thats great!



Gawd can u beleive him/her?

well non u guyz no but yh Imma brony dB yes i love MLP (fwendship is magik dB) my fave RAINBOWDASH

story of FLARE:

flare was a wild fox abandoned near a big oak tree not knowing he had a twin or sister or brother... we was found and taken care of by a strange creature, soon on his 13th b-day he was old enough to take care of himself soon he bumped into a wolf named Jacob he was like "WOW! how did u get wings?" Jacob told him to stop or we would be found since he was the last winged wolf, Soon a happy coke-loving artist name Saphire came along and she was probably the bese friend i ever had Soon Jacob showed me some of his friends Zara and Flamez , Zara was also happy coke loving artist aswell wow sapphire and zara have many in common Flamez another fox who he was ready to befriends with him, Soon when they all tried to find Red Pika they all found Kailas the smarter twin and as kailas sais "the most good looking one" soon after that he met other people like Charlie, Darkus, Sonika, ZeroL, Shoka, Zoro,Link and loads more dB Until now Flare has been living a swell life, a brother, another brother from another mother, and lots of others Flare couldnt ask 4 a better life than his own right now hes enjoying his life as much as he can ^^

OMG ITS MAI BDAY!!! im writing on my new laptop and im not going to erase this CUZ ITS MAI BDAY!!!! im 11 years old today like M4 hes 11 hes irish and he likez 2 draw only difference imma girl ewe YAAAAAAYYY!!! THANKZ 2 ALL MAI BEST FWENDS AND INSPARATIONS I WOULD HAVE LEFT WITHOUT U!!!!! lol ESPECIALLY THE PRESENT OF FRIENDSHIP!!! lol yes im very concerned about it YAAAAAAY!! >U< *cries rainbows* I LOVE YAZ ALL >U< from the 11 year old bluest chu -Chuchu

Mai friends and all! dB

Twiggy-Mai big Insparational sis <3 (ADD HER!)

Zara- A very nice Pikachu with pink hair! <3 (ADD HER!)

IS- the greatest support ever dB <3 (ADD HER!)

EeveeFlare- Mai epic 1st friends the winged wolf dB (ADD HIM!)

ZeroL- mai epic German Lugia dB (ADD HIM!)

Linki- Mai epic fwend who mostly comez around (ADD HIM!)

Spnjseal- The epic blue seal dB (ADD HIM!)

Twix- Mai epic Insparation and great animator <3 (ADD HER!)

Zoro- my zig-zag pikachu!(ADD HIM!)

Shoka- mai epic blue Sis <3 (ADD HER!)

Pikaboo- Mai epic Pika! <3 (ADD HER!)

Swebster- Mai epic Leader dB <3 (ADD HER!)

Rose- mai epic Insparation has returned <3 (ADD HER!)

Rose-Mai epic sis who is amazing(ADD HER!)

Danny- Mai epic sis who alwayz changes her name <3 (ADD HER!)

Kioshi- mai epic bro who iz Trollzor to (ADD HIM!)

Flamez- Mai epic bro who has been gone for long :c (ADD HIM!)

Red pika- Mai epic sis who just returned from a nice sleep (ADD HER!)

Charlie- Mai epic TOM! dB <3 (ADD HER!)

Sam- mai epic bro who alwayz likez to chat dB (ADD HIM!)

Griffami- Mai epic Insparati

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Catherine finn








Ballyoisin (It suckz)

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Annimating,drawing and watching eddsworld

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Irish English and a bit of French