Hello ... Hello ... it's me! BLACKdream! my name is Lizeth and I'm from mexico ... when it was Christmas I got my first Nintendo DS and discovered "Flipnote Study" at the beginning just drew my characters ... then discovered I could do my animations ... then I discovered "Flipnote Hatena"at the beginning to my own parodies ... but there were no good results ... and I'm not good recording music for my animations ... I decided I had to base myself with other creative animations so great ... my fans probably will realize that I have 5 mine characteristic characters are as follows ...

Monkey Girl or Monki-sama:

her when she was born like any normal monkey such as zoos ... but where she lived was in very poor condition but arrived a little girl ... who came to adopt an animal from the zoo ... approached the small monkey bit a ... at first but she saw something in her eyes that she would like it to much ... after many years the monkey was taken human characteristics ... could speak, read, write ... and small she was an adult that she realized she could now take care of herself and let her go ... Monkey Girl at the age of 16 years to accept tube ... she loves her cap in the form of banana, he likes to sing and dancing,and belongs to Delta Squad by the time she is not looking for love but there will be someone who really conquered his heart

KiiuuKitty or Kiu-chan:

KiiuuKitty is a girl cat since he was born ... she was raised with a very loving family .. at first it was an orderly and quiet but she was nine years old when he met a boy named Nicolas everyone thought they were brothers or cousins ​​and that seemed a lot ... but they did not know ... They asked their parents if they were family ... but it turned out they were not family ... in that they became friends ... and Nicolas was very naughty and playful ... always invited to play KiiuuKitty is how she develops a cross-like attitude like his friend of 12 years she likes the fun, be free and belongs to the delta squad

Nicolas or Nico:

Nicolas is a boy cat as most of my characters ... he was always a naughty boy and toy ... is the reason why KiiuuKitty know ... he was always willing to help anyone you do not know ... always concidero to KiiuuKitty as his sister and was always together even Nicolas never felt anything for her ... that really is in love with a girl named Mystia ... I met one day in high school ... and accidentally fell in love with him .. but a few days before the Valetin san gave her a red collar still not sure if he also feels the same way that ... I like being with friends and dancing ... never leaves home without his red collar ... belongs to the delta squad

O-mega or X-Omega:

when he was born his parents abandoned him ... until some people Squadron

Delta found it abandoned ... a couple decided to raise him ... and did a job well done ... takes care of O-mega until he turned 17 years ... They were exposed and trained their parents until they learn to control their controls installedin his his head as headphones ... has several marks on his body the symbol of Delta Squad ... and his life changed in unexpected turn ... when Monkey Girl joined the squad delta immediately fell in love ... it ... although for a long time has tried to conquer but to no avail not give up so easily ... like this grabbing their duties and be with his "girlfriend"

and now, but not least

Brio or Big Delta

at first the founder of Delta Squad, but thanks to a vicious enemy that had lost most of its memory and making it a "rubber ball"

with wings and a star on his forehead ... rarely burst effect for only a few minutes ... your hair is red hair, likes to wear sleeveless shirts ... has a "07 " on the left arm .. . and is always aware of O-mega as it is one of its best members ... as the O-Mega named Russell both known and cared for his back and has a unique love ... like bananas, fly and dance

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