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Self introduction - Runescape is so popular all over the world that there are 140 fully operational servers of Runescape catering to a huge global audience. If you are a ranger or a mage person, then you can find other things that only members can wear and they look pretty good. With all those quests in the members world, you may find yourself troubled in one quest and cant find the solution so we are here to help! The rules ensure that no player has any sort of unpleasant experience online and Runescape that would ruin all the fun that you are having. The rules are laid down so that you and all other players at Runescape have a great gaming experience. Luckily players can no longer attack you in the wilderness, so at least you are safe from them. The language filters within the game work very well at keeping inappropriate language out, ensuring that your kids have a safe and clean chat. Instead of bring up your levels in just a few skills, you can work up and twice as much skills when your a member. Try, with a few friends to kill the KBD, go to the fight pits, or something you enjoy, yes you may be wasting a bit of cash, but what would you rather spend it on? Runescape tells you them, but Im going to detail it a few features for you here. For players who are unfamiliar with RSPS and are wary o...