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hiya everybody im the mental kid that usually uses the phrase "pika pika!!"

i also like to lol.

oh and.... PIPLUP SHALL DIE!! (don't ask)

oh and.... CookiesLtd is my sister, if u see her be nice to her or BURN.

oh and.... everyone seems to think im magic and before you start annoying me about it (which many of u have already done) IM NOT I REAPEAT NOT MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah FREINDS LIST!!!



Mad puffle





not yet confirmed but i think are freinds

Glen i (u just are 2 nice :3)

Kaz(you added me and gave me one red star so...)

DangerZone(you added me and we talk a bit)

NOOOOO! my dsi wont work,its just white,i might have to send it off to get fixed might break forever(probbaly not...)

Well i got i back,but then had to send it away again for a month....there is a very high chance i will have to start all over again.

Not so lol,l did,well im back Now