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Hello, freaks, geek, nerds, comic lovers, animaters or whoever you are. Im XNiagraX, yeah, soooooooo, i liek to draw and stuff.

I am 13

My birfday is 3/7

Julia is da name.

im not saying anything else

Hobbies!:D ; Cooking, baking, drawing, animating, going on vacations, pro skier

Dislikes :( ; my sister, being annoyed, listening to bad mysic, SEEING RP'S BLOWING UP CHANNELS, NOT SEEING GOOD ART! stolen things, bad drawings of mine.

Likes! <3 ; being alone, not being annoyed, texting my BFFL Riko <3, not seeing my sister, eating cookies~

That is all.... GOIN TO COMIC CON NEW YORK!!!!! OCTOBAH BABY!!!! <3 DEATH THE KID IS ME!! <3 <3 <3 ~SEN