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im sharing my account with Chris, my bro. my bro in 5th grade, and im in 7th grade. -how we joined hatena- we got a dsi for my b-day. i connected it to my internet. i found out something called "Flipnote Studio". i downloaded it. tried Flipnote Hatena. i loved all of the popular flips. at march,2010, march break, my uncle was taking care of us. he let us use his internet, then, our uncle saw hatena. he was amazed. he checked the website "Flipnote Hatena" on his computer. he registered us in flpnote hatena. we posted for a long time. thats until me, Kevin, pressed format system memory T.T its sad. we lost our account. thats when we made this account. it got more stars than the other. we unlinked the old account. thats how we joined hatena.