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Maru Yoshima ^∇^


Konii'chiwa ♥

My name is Maru, I'm 12 years old (17th October 1999). I live the great city Tokyo, which is located in Japan. (The beautiful view of Mount Fuji ♥ω♥). I have an older brother too .V. His great(He doesn't know, I said that! >U<) I obviously have parents =3=

I hope you and I can be good friends, Buddies :3 I get most of my inspiration from Manga and Anime. I L♥VE LEN! >///< He is a total cutiie! .O.


Not much to say...

I like Sushi...Or Love :D

My type of music is Dub Step and Vocaloid :P

(If you never knew .U.)

Hope y'all will enjoy my flipnotes :)

Thank you for all the support so far C:

Y'all are amazing! ^^

Hope we good be great buddies :D

Wish you all the luck! ^^