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(UPDATED: 3/1/2017)

I am MattBoo, Flipnote Hatena veteran and member of Sudomemo (or Stabnote Hatena). I do cartoons. Not edgy wolfie suicide MV's, cartoons. And I am not Gizmo or McBoo. Get your facts straight.

Anyway, this account is nowhere as near as active as it once was and it won't ever be again. Sorry. Regardless, I still like to drop by and visit this ancient site and make the occasional post, mostly 'cause I'm a huge dork living in the past, hehe.

If you got FS3D, here's my FSID. Check out my old stuff if you wanna cringe yourself crippled.


I also posted on Sudomemo with that account for like nearly 3 years before that DSi broke. My new FSID that I use to post on Sudomemo is right here.


Don't bother using that FSID on FS3D because I got that DSi in 2015. IT WON'T WORK.

That's about it, can't really think of anything else to say. Buh-bye.