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Hello there! :3

I am a 10 year old girl who has been making flipnotes since October 27, 2011. I have been on Flipnote Hatena since June 14, 2012. The types of flips I make are mostly MVs, but I do some RPs once and a while. If you want to do an RP with me, just ask. My characters are called chao. Chao are the cute little creatures from sonic. I am usually not on Flipnote Hatena or making flipnotes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will be gone July 20- August 1.

Icon request rules:

1. ask me.

2. give me about an hour.

3. give me some feedback.

My characters and one fact about each:

Clover- (My main O.C.) she is very nice and loves snow.

Maxie- she is married to Umbreon.

Umbreon- he is married to Maxie.

Eve- she is Maxie's and Umbreon's daughter.

gMaxie- She is Maxie's good side.

eMaxie- She is Maxie's evil side.

Air- She is an element chao that controls air.

Water- He is an element chao that controls water.

Fire- He is an element chao that controls water.

Thunder- He is an element chao that controls thunder.

Evil- He controls everything evil.

Good- She controls everything good.

Alpha- He controls good, evil, and all the elements.

Scratch- He has a very plain and goofy personality.

Dusk- She is a dark wolf chao who accidentally scares other chao.

Blitz- She is a goofy chao who can change her appearance quickly

Aurora- She controls the Northern lights.

Nikkie- She is Maxie's sister.

Moonlight- He is Dusk's evil brother

Stitch- Her left side is her good side and her right side is her evil side. She has stitches right through her face.

Sonic boom- He is a fast running chao.

Max- He is Maxie's brother.

To see what my characters look like, look at the flipnote I made of them.

My friends:


Deny Destiny (DD2)


Red Fox




Game Gal







Dippy Italy




(Sorry if I didn't put you)

My Goals:


1,000 stars (Complete)

10,000 stars (Complete)

50,000 stars (Complete)

100,000 stars (Incomplete)

500,000 stars (Incomplete)

1,000,000 stars (Incomplete)

1 green star (Complete)

5 green stars (Incomplete)

10 green stars (Incomplete)

25 green stars (Incomplete)

50 green stars (Incomplete)

100 green stars (Incomplete)

500 green stars (Incomplete)

1 red star (Incomplete)

3 red stars (Incomplete)

5 red stars (Incomplete)

10 red stars (Incomplete)

25 red stars (Incomplete)

50 red stars (Incomplete)

100 red stars (Incomplete)

1 blue star (Incomplete)

3 blue stars (Incomplete)

5 blue stars (Incomplete)

10 blue stars (Incomplete)

25 blue stars (Incomplete)

50 blue stars (Incomplete)

1 purple star (Incomplete)

2 purple stars (Incomplete)

3 purple stars (Incomplete)


1 fan (Complete)

10 fans (Complete)

25 fans (Complete)

50 fans (Complete)

100 fans (Incomplete)

500 fans (Incomplete)

1,000 fans (Incomplete)


Creator Rank:

Under 1,000 (Complete)

Under 500 (Complete)

Under 100 (Incomplete)

Under 25: (Incomplete)

Rank 1 (Incomplete)

Highest rank: 479


Over 100 views (Complete)

Over 1,000 views (Complete)

Over 5,000 views (Complete)

Over 10,000 views (Complete)

Over 25,000 views (Incomplete)

Over 50,000 views (Incomplete)

Over 100,000 views (Incomplete)

Over 500,000 views (Incomplete)

Over 1,000,000 views (Incomplete)

Ok. That's the end. Goodbye. ;)