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sometimes people chose to leave not because selfish reasons, but they know things will get worse if they stay. i'll always love you<3...

Laugh When You Can, Apologize when you should, and Let Go Of What You Can't Change. Bye Gio<3

It's not true that nice guys finish last. Theyre winners before the game even started.

I have been let down by the people that I love. But I will not let down the people that Love me.

Love is knowing that no ones perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but you still work for it because it's worth it.

Jason<3 &' lil Eric<3 love

me cx

Jason, I love you so much !(: nothing in the world can change my mind about you<3 no matter what I will alwaysz love you. When iTalk to you itsz like my life is complete and nothing could bother mee. IFLY. Babe iWanna heAR ur handsome voice singing ahaa' u gotta sinqq "you da one" to me cuz you knows thatsz our sonqq <3 oh yea we Gotta fiqht too x] even thou iMa win (; tahaa &' iCould beat you at soccer. iLove you From thee bottom of my HeaRt Mi Amor<3 te quiero muchoo !

Mr. Eric !<3 thanks for thee cake hun xD ily ! aaf

My Friendz<3 :]

umm did i forget yhu? :O sorry. well get to know me :) iight byee x)

may your neighbors respect you, troubles neglect you,

angels protect you,

and heaven accept you.

Ayee ! i tease wit love(: lol some of you already knoe' my bad;

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June 12 :D

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t'f? O.o


talkin to MI AMOR<3, talking to my buddies', playing soccer, tagging, or chillin' with my friends

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