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This is the awesome Z-Rom here and this is my profile! I wanna give ALOT of shout outs that make my flips happen!

(If I missed you tell me in comments and I might add you)

I wanna give 5 special shout outs(don't complain if you don't get one)

5.DoodleHero/Mexico-You two are one if my best friends and two of the seven best

drawers ever that Ive seen!

4.Lima Bean-You were my 3rd friend ever on hatena and first creator I had ever faced!

You keep helping me out giving me advice and I cant do anything to make good flips without you. You are a true friend! BTW You are one if the seven best drawers ever!

3.Black Kat-You are like the sister I never had but always wanted! You are always there with me and btw you are one of the best drawers ever! Your the best girl ever!

2.$Al¢apone$-Bro I owe you greatly for all your kindness pointed toward me! You are one of the best creators of all time brother! Hope You are enjoying your trip in South America(Augest 1-Augest 15)!

1.And the best for last; BLUEFLARE! You are THE best drawer/friend/motivator ever!

If you quit I quit cause you are valuable to me! I would not be on hatena without you!

Thx for all you have done!

But wait. There is one more special one. SKILLZ!!!!! Skllz you are like the brother I never had and always wanted! You are great and should be a king or prince! When you are on your throne I'm right next to you! Your the best bro!