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F is for fire that burns down the whole town

U is for uranium! ...... Bombs!

N is for no survivors .. WHEN YOUR-

LOL WWE:Your no champion! John Cena's gonna kick your a**! lol i cant get that outta my head!


Hey guys its Reagan aka Moonsoul

If you were expecting the 80 plus fan amv.... *sigh* You won't be seeing it ever.

I had to quit hatena forever.

*cries* Thank you so much for accepting me back to hatena! :') I really enjoyed being back for a while but i know it only lasted a month... -_-''

To all my 80 plus fans: I'm sorry i couldn't hurry my tail up and finish the video... i was so close! ....

This is a final goodbye.

I will live my old life once again...

I'll be sooooo bored because all i think about is my hatena home with all my pets.

But i'll draw my own on paper...

Oh and catch me on!!!!!

I'm MoonSoulThe#1Peep

Farewell my friends...

MoonSoul: sometimes i think nobody cares that i left and never will come back! I deleted my account too.