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<Somethin' to know, idiot.>

Do people respect your art, or your sugar-coated comments?




Mah username is Piccadilly( Because its mah main chara's name)

In reality(boo reality sucks!) Im called Kate Manchester, I'm in year 8, and I'm twelve.

Oh, and...I AM A GIRL!!!!

(some peeps get confused cuz Piccadilly's a Dude)

You wanna ask me something?

Just ask dude.I dont mind.


Right....some information:


Ahaha...*Smiles like an idiot* Mah next 3 flips will be a suprise....


(But don't get your hopes up, it's me remember? XD)

Mah hatena Nicknames ( that you can call me) are Dr Lazah XD,Piccadilly, K , or Kate.

NOT Picca or Dilly!!If you need to shorten mah username just call me Dr.

Piccadilly's a place, ya know.

In Manchester it's called Manchester Piccadilly,

And in London it's called Piccadilly Circus. 0.0 NOT ONE WORD.


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