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Hello budies. My real name is Psycho lol!! and I live in Puerto Rico. My first language is spanish and for that reason you will find a bunch of grammar errors on my flips. lol

Thanks to all of you I have a great number of fans and stars. So Thanks guys!!!!

I like to make funny, Random flips. I want to be better each time that I make a Flipnote. I have been False Reported 36 times, and I have lost my citizenship 5 times.

When I join to Hatena I was a very good star begger (I'm not proud of that) to the point that I reach to 6,000,000 yellow stars. But in the road some ppl help (HeartNote, Iron, Umbrella, and a bunch more) me to untherstand that being a star begger was bad. And I take the decision to delete all of my star begger flips.

Thanks to that decision more ppl add me to their favorites. And now I can say STARBEGGING IS BAD.

Here in Hatena I have very good friends, like <3 !! They all are awsome!

Like you can see my Most Popular serie is Just Random!!!! And I really love make Random Flipnotes!!!!! But some times I'm out of ideas.


I play drums

I Hate Bully ppl

I Like to make friends

I love Music

I talk two language (Spanish and English)

I LOVE girls


I have 18 years

I have a drive lisence


I'm Christian

I like Chicken

If you want to know more of me ADD me to your fav. and comment me!!!!!!! And I will try to respond back!!!!!!

I will give you my sword of justice!!!


Well that is my Story on Hatena until now.


Thanks for read this and God Bless you.