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Name's Mint. I am a willing-to-give Pokemon trainer that plays/has :

Soul Silver



and all the old versions, which don't matter so I won't type or tell you about it. I will be giving away random Pokemon, aside from my Pokemart.

My upcoming Flipnotes will probably be about the Pokemon release things. I'll be putting out a LOT of random pokemon in the GTS as well, so keep an eye out on that.

Here's how my trades work, from now on :

1. You put your stars.

2. You add a comment (how to put a proper comment on all of flipnotes will be put in the comments section).

3. I give everyone a specified time to get the chance to get the Pokemon they want.

4. They prepare a Starly, any gender, any level, and bring it to the Global Trading Center, or GTS.

5. They search for the Pokemon that they had bought, won, or want to get.

6. They refresh it, and my Pokemon should be up there, in my name as "Emmi".

7. Trainers will quickly rush to get the Pokemon, and the trainers will all have an equal chance of getting it.

8. If you miss the date, no rescheduling will be posted, and you'll have to just reorder/wait for another chance.