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Real Name:Mira



Birthday:13th January

Likes: Sonic,DBZ,Hatena,Attractive Boys

Dislikes:School,Star Beggers,Bullies,Coppiers etc.









Name- Miracle The Dark Hedgehog

Gender- Female

Age- 17(Good)/19(Bad)

Birthday- Dec 1

Eyes- Dark Red(Good),Red(Evil)

Color- Dark Red

Team- "Dark Chaos" Good And Evil

Relationship- Flames His Boyfriend

Are You Young Or Teen- Teenager(Evil)

Born- Made Of Dark Powers From The Very Evil Creature

Are You Royal Or Not(Why)- Royal Blood

Theme Song- Silent Hill 4

Personality- Good:Nice,Annoying,Cute,Attractive,Muse, etc.

Evil:Bad,More Attractive,Talented,Hot,Insane etc.

History- Was Born In A Cruel World,She Was Adopted By Dr.Gerald Robotnik Because She Was Taking Care Of Her Cruel Parents Made Of Dark Power So She Was The Princess Of Dark. And Made Her A Project Like An Android,The Dr. Was Not Happy Because She Won't Follow Commands And Get's What Ever She Wants.One Day She Woke Up,But She Went Insane While She Was In A Chamber And Destroyed Every One Who Comes Her Way And Made A Group Named "Dark Chaos" Then Her Adventure Of Deaths Continue....

Name- Flames The Blazing Hedgehog

Gender- Male

Age- 20

Birthday- Jan 3

Eyes- Red

Color- Shining Black And Red

Team- "Dark Chaos" Evil

Relationship- Miracle His Girlfriend

Are You Young Or Teen- Teenager

Born- Made Of Fire Of The Volcano Creature

Royal Or Not(Why)- Royal Blood

Theme Song- Scars

Personality- Evil,Serious,Hot Headed,Attractive,Cares Only To Miracle,Jealousy etc.

History- Was Born In A Volcano He Was Made With The DNA With The Blazing,Evil And Powerful Creature,He Was Created For Evil.One Day While Finishing The Final Touches He Woke Up And Saw Some Creatures Destroying The Lab Looking For Him Because He Was The 'Prince Of Fire" And He Escaped The From The Place He Was Born.He Now Met A Girl With The Same Life,So They Joined Force And Fall Inlove With The Princess Miracle.But Born With A Scar....

Name- Kazuki The Light Hedgehog

Gender- Male

Age- 20

Birthday- May 3

Eyes- Sparkling Red

Color- White,Gold And Red(Hair)

Team- "Dark Chaos" Evil/Good

Relationship- Ex-Girlfriend of Miracle

Young Or Teen- Teenager

Born- The Light Of The Sun

Royal Or Not(Why)- Not Royal Blood (Don't Know)

Theme Song- Deathly Heart

Personality- Nice To Miracle,Hates Flames,Easy To Be Jealous,HardWorking

History- He Was The Best Friend Of Miracle, Until He Becomes Her Boyfriend For A Few Months, Flames Join The Group And Broke Up With Miracle,Now Miracle Loves Flames.He Doesn't Hate Mira But His And Her Parents Hate Each Other But Until These Two Hedgehogs Run Away They Fall Inlove.

Name- Yasaka The Fox

Gender- Female

Age- 16

Birthday- November 10

Eyes- Blue

Color- Grey/Silver

Team- "Dark Chaos" Evil/Good

Relationship- Single

Young Or Teen- Teen

Born- In A Beautiful Forest

Royal Or Not(Why)- Not(She Was Just A Doctor)

Theme Song- Secret

Personality- Nice,Evil,Healthy,Heals Friends,Boyish etc.

History- She Was Adopted By Miracle's Parents.Her Home Was Destroyed By The Light And Dark Kingdom And She Found Where Miracle Was Going So She Joined Them.

Name- Cherry The Echidna

Gender- Female

Age- 12

Birthday- December 24

Eyes- Blue


Team- "Dark Chaos" Good

Relationship- Single

Young Or Teen- Young

Born- Was An Orphan

Royal Or Not- Not

Theme Song- Snuggle Song

Personality- Cute,Nice,Shy,Loves To Play etc.

History- She Was An Orphan,She Was Adopted By The Team Because They Were One Group Short.Cherry Was Nice Until There Parents Died Cause Of The War.

Name- Scarlette

Gender- Female

Age- 16(Future)

Birthday- May 2

Eyes- Dark Red

Color- Black And Dark Red

Team- "Dark Chaos" Evil/Good

Relationship- Single

Young Or Teen- Teen

Born- Dark Earth(Miracle Took Over The Earth And Copy The Earth)

Royal Or Not- Royal (Future Princess0

Theme Song- Bring Me To Life

Personality- Evil,Good,Jealousy,Pretty etc.

History- She Time Traveled At Her Mom's Teenage Year To Tell What Happened.

She Said To Her Mom "Your Gonna Marry Kazuki Because The Future Is Very Happy But When You Married Dad(Flames)The Future Was A Disaster Beacue Dad Went Insane".

But She Was Already Born Before The Marraige.She Was Already Pregnant While Flames Was His Boyfriend.


I love Sonic and Friends I keep collecting them for so long but mostly ShadAmy



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