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Hi guys! its SoulFang here! I just like to say a couple of things that are happening in the future. Well sooner or later I have a new OC coming out. She is a Ram. This is for you Chirin... her name is Forien and she is comin out soon..So yeah.Another OC. Her name is Keyera. She is a cat and she supresses the ability of random Paranormal Activities in her mind. I will make a flip soon about my brand new Series called: STANDARDS OF DESPAIR.. It includes: SoulFang, ThunderTail, Blackwing, and Keyara. you'll see that soon... It'll freak ya out.. trust me.. And also i found this new MMORPG game called GrandChase and that is an epic game so try and look it up because wants you start you don't wanna get off. People you should search for as friends: Sakeo and Grano.. not too hard to remember now is it? But i warn you if you don't like to be patience don't download it because it will take a while to download.( Like an HOUR!!!!!!) But more infomation will be posted soon so enjoy SOULFANG'S FLIPNOTES!!!!!!!