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Hello, i see i'm not citizen anymore...i don't know why and I don't care u_u

I come back here to tell you i'm not in hatena anymore, really, i'm sorry for mayu and bia and for all the pikangel and pikwichaa family.

I'm not here anymore but I want to thank bia and mayu to tell me happy birth day even if I was no here. Thanks sis and merci Mayu( ze tadore et je toublirai pas jessaerai de te parler par portable mais je suis un peu timide en fait =x=' la plupart du temps jj'ose pas)

It was so fun here but now Hatena is becoming more a friendship relation site ( sorry for bad english) than a logiciel where you share your drawings and animations sometimes people forget what is really hatena.

But I know there is again a lot of good flipnoters !

I leave hatena too beceause I want more performance logiciel for drawing ( and perhaps animating.

Bia i'm sorry i will not back on hatena anymore u_u but thanks for encouraging me you're a really good friend and sis !

Thanks all my fans and friends

now i'm on DeviantArt

I hope you'll like my drawings if you watch them thank u!

Bye Hatena i've had a lot of fun here

I'm in pikangel family I post up all the members :



.•o aiqi●•.











B o•n ☀

And pikwicha family, all the members :

☆~ neko

★~ bia

☆~ melanie

★~ mintyeevee

☆~ blind

★~ hanna-chan

☆~ reshigirl

★~ hamster

☆~ deadjoker(xeno)

★~ emily

☆~ ninetales

★~ britynatt

☆~ vileteevee

★~ bhaze

☆~ blear

★~ cassandra

☆~ luckystar

( I've took the list on neko's profile).

I have 68 fans and 68 995 stars .....O_o

OMFG!!! I can't believee I know it's not much but...for me yeeeeessss >wu< usaaaaaaaaaa~!!!

So~usa~ one last thing : Usaa~ is the simplification

of "usagi", usagi mean...bunny in japan!( I know I'll never give up with these rabbits XD)

Sowwy for my bad english >///< and bye usa~

ps: Je tiens à remercier mes meilleurs amies dans hatena Mayu et Lady devil!je veux remercier tout les membres de pikangel et pikwicha aussi <3 usaa~