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I am a pie lover! :D

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I am a pie lover! :D

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im leaving, but i kind of wish i could have started the tuscan stuff. but lots of complications gathered.

anyway, peace :D enjoy the inner rage of 8 yr olds and false reporters and endless "DSi Secrets" that everyone already knows.

c ya ;)


I got my 3ds and i LOVE it. :) I think the problem of Hatena wasn't the starbeggars and stuff, I think it was just us. Hatena is just a free little child's animating program, and we took it way to seriously. Trying to start clans and stuff. FluidAnims is the place for that. Not some place full of 8 yr olds who like Fin and Jake so much.

Well, I'll just wait for the 3DS's Memo comes out. Well anyway, i really enjoyed my time on Hatena.

Felipe (felipe sux) + Amadeus = Coolest hatena ppl evarrr. lol Heeeeeyyyy felipe and amadeus yall should get a 3ds too! so i can add your 3ds friend codes and we can battle on some games lol. And the Red 3DS is coming out on September 9th (I wish i had already knew this TnT) which is the same release date as starfox 3d, so that's a good color to get. I'm stuck with blue, but i'm not complaining because it looks GREEAAAAATTTTT lol :)

anyway, Hatena is no more for me. thanks everyone for being my fans. it's been a LONG run. I been on this thing since it came out. Stayed on it since now. Well alright. c ya !

I entered here at 11 years old. Left at 13 years old. 2 years of animating experience. I'll get back to animatin on something else when I get the crave to.


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I don't feel comfortable saying that. Stalkers will try to find it in the phone book O_o






December 20th

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I can say that! XD

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I - I don't know what that means

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On the moon :)


Lot's of stuff.

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Drawing, animating, music... crying XD

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