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Heyo, Its Yuki!!

Random Facts:

Names Kylie,

Girl If You Couldnt Tell,

Have Played Soccer Since I Was 3,

Almost A Freshie!!!,

Love Manga/Anime,

Cant Sleep At Night With Out Snuggling With Something,

Enjoy Shooting Games (Even Though Im Terrible At Them,)


Love Scary Movies,

Talk More On Here Than With My Friends In Real,

Book Reader,

Music Lover,

I Hate Steak( Nastiest Meat On Earth,)

Im 5'3 And A Quarter (Not Much Improvement ;),

And Incredibly Bored So Dont Be Afraid To Chat Me Up Sometime,


Shadoweye, Tiger kun, Paladinrox, Blue Angel, Yomaslayer, Shelbi, Elizabeth, Deathkid

Random Quote :)

I'm like chocolate pudding, I look like crap but im as sweet as can be.