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Oh hai dere! x3 My real name is actually Lauren and im 12 years old (turning 13 next year on 30th April). I live in the wonderful world of Australia in South Australia,

I like Video Games (im a gaming gurllll xD), animals, Pokemon, drawing (anime manga stuff and I love drawing chibis xD) CLUB PENGUIN (I LOVE CLUB PENGUIN!!!!) and many other things! ^w^ Thanks for visintg my lameee profile! x3 For visiting you can have sum ice-cream x3 lol

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Enjoy teh Ice-Cream x3


Some of you may have noticed I haven't been posting lately. Now that I am in Year/Grade 8 I never have time anymore due to assignments, etc. Don't worry! I'll come on to take a look at flipnotes now and then. I'll try to post more flipnotes during the school holidays. Sorry about this D:

~ ♥ Laurii