I love music, and I play the flute for the Varsity Honor Band at my middle school. I'm in 8th grade, i'm 13, and I live in Texas.

My fav.:

Food: Pizza


Genre: Country

Movie: The Breakfast Club (I probably would say not to watch this movie, but you know when you tell someone not to do something, they just have to)

Book/Series: The Hunger Games or Mortal Instruments or Darkest Powers or The Gathering.

Feel free to ask me anything.

Here are some awesome people that I just happen to be lucky enough to have as friends:

Tony(also known as HydroRush): Tony was the first friend I made on Hatena, he's super awesome, really easy going, he's funny, he can make friends with ANYONE, and he ALWAYS sees nothing but the best in people. The world would be a sad place without him, and I'm sooo, so, so happy to have him as my friend.

Silver: This guy is super awesome at drawing, really fun to talk to, and can make nothing into something awesome, which really amazes me.