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July 2nd 2012

Hey guys, I apologize for not being on. Please add me on deviantart


January 1st 2012

Hey guys, It's NightyOwlz. I had a horrible nightmare last night, but I just realized I wasn't dreaming. My Dsi has finally hit the crapper. My L and R Buttons gave out, for good this time. My sound suddenly stopped working so my dad opened up my dsi and tried to get it stuck. We found out that the button wasn't stuck but the little wire thing that runs from the sd card and the volume buttons was only running one at a time. So I could either use my sd card or the volume. All my stuff is backed up on the sd card so I can't use anything without it. So we put the cover back on and the screen was fuzzy had lines threw it and the color was switched. So I can bearly see the screen. So I hope to get a new Dsi XL soon. Till then no more flips.

Bye, NightyOwlz