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I make stick figures hurt each other for no reason at all!! I is a huge BosS fan too!!! YOU ROCK BosS!!! I know 4 people in real life on Hatena, Jarod, my best friend since I wuz 2, GOLD, my next door neighbor, Tyude77, he's one of meh awesome best budz at school, and Zion, he's friends with Tyude77. I also have some friends that are only on Hatena. There's Nikki, she enjoys playing mind games on me, Alyssa, she's super nice, Lonnie, he's cool yet a little insane, Tristen, he's friggin' awesome, Tony, one of my first friends on Hatena and the coolest guy I know, Rubbadub, he's a great guy and a pac-man fan like me, Fangz, she's kind and a WONDERFUL artist, Face, he's one cool dude, Peach, she's one of my closest friends on Hatena and she's super nice, and Jordan, I'm in his pac-man club, he's awesome!! Whew! That took me forever to type!!! I love each and every one of my friends, you are all the BEST!!!! (I don't LOVE love my friends, cuz that would be creepy!) oFTo

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Due to the fact that school, homework, and marching band are so time consuming; I cannot make flipnotes for awhile... sorry... :(