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Hey I'm Lucario I prefer being called Rio though,I've been drawing since I was 5 or 6 (can't remember.)XD I love drawing to make people laugh,at my cousins school all the kids love my little comedy bits,I'm currently working on some new laughs for the flips,Before I got my DSi I would draw one of my characters and think it would be so cool to make them actually come to life,then once I got it I couldn't help but think of what laughs I could do with it.(actually it's all i ever thought about.)I was pretty bad at drawing to make my characters look alive on paper,but hatena helped me with that,i can't wait till I start releasing a few parodies of anime's here are next few coming up,along with their current progress:

Sgt. frog fails at life.=2%

Lucky star hates on victini=2%

just make sure to watch for these parodies and others coming soon.

Now i've been accused over 12 times of stealing the spin-offs I do such as my Victini's party flip,If i catch anyone accusing me of any stealing you will be blocked,but if you keep bugging me about stealing, i'll report for harrassment.

Best rank: 7,(Dang,i was even closer to 1 that time.)

likes: Pokemon,Anime,Sgt.Frog, Console and hand held games,drawing,animals,mario,digimon,youtube.

Dislikes: FR's,star beggers,Flip thiefs,and anything that breaks hatena's rules,justin bieber.

favorite sayings: hope you made lotsa spaghetti,y'know what they say,all toasters,toast toast.