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Hello everyone, this my channel. This is where I post all my flips and take stars. Now, some stuff about me.

age: 11

gender: boy, male

rank I want: 1 (super cool!)

real name: Unkown (not really)

friends (just to name a few): Cable5, Eon 8, Arrow, Benjamin, JMC*Spike, DB Glaceon, Boo-Zero, Zippy, and more.

More Facts O' Me o3o

Hi. Tempo here. I used to be called EagleEye2000, then Oscar101, then Tempo, now Oscar101 again. Yay. 6th grade=lots o' homework, well, for me anyway. I LOOOOOVE "spagehtti", really (weegee on the loose!). I like making flipnotes (my favorites are ones with weegee) and drawing/ drawing comics. Love Dragon Ball Z Kai, Kirby, Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Rayman+Rabbids.I'll post more stuff soon. o3o.

Season Guide-

Season 1-Episodes 1-10

Season 2-Episodes 11-20

Season 3-Episodes 21-30

Chibi Ball Z the Movie: Revenge of the Villains

Season 4-Episodes 31-40

Season 5-Episodes 41-50

More Seasons coming soon...

Projects I'm working on: