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Help support my worst habits, comment and star my finely crafted, questionable art. :D

I try to make all my drawings smooth, and I'm still working on my animation, but I'll get the hang of it! :D I love to make speed drawings, but I'm working on something big, so I can't really do those now, but it is temting. ._.

My current projects that I'll tell you about are: Invader Dren(ID), and Tinkerer's of Time(ToT). ID will be a comic, and I'm thinking about doing it on deviant art since it's a little more flexable with colors, details, and so I can show my friends, but I don't have a WebcomTablet! I wanna get the Bamboo. :) ToT will deffinatly be here on Hatena, because It'll be an animated series, and all my fanbase is here. :D

I'm on youtube and DeviantArt, but theres nothing posted there because; I don't have a tablet to draw,

And my camcorder broke. D:

What do I like? I like Techno, trance, chiptune, 8-bit, any sub genre's related to those like jumpstyle, and dubstep, anything electronic. I also like Pop Rock, like Cobra Starship, Fall out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and Owl city(well, there pop/electronica or emo/electronica, IDk).

Thanks for reading my Profile and for watching my flips everyone! :D