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Hi my name is Pikachu!Im a big Pokemon fan so expect that most of my fips will be about Pokemon.Also if I dont post flips for a very long time it means I either have no ideas for any flips or I lost Internet on my DSI.Sometimes that happens to me. One more thing I have a bother Known as T~rex so please check out his flips he is one of my favorite creators so it should be easy to find.

More information:Okay so this is a update so that means you get to know more information about me!First of all Im 14 (now) years old and I may love Pokemon but Im also a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda!!! As well as the Mario games(they are super fun!!) Im also into anime its SUPER AWESOME!!!!!! Also I made some really great friends on Hatena!!! Being on Hatena has been SUPER AWESOME FOR ME!!!!!!! Well I guess that's all for now I hope most of you enjoy my flips!!! I OWN NOTHING!

News:Guess what people I got my own channel now.It's called ~Pikachu's Channel~So all you guys are welcome to post there!

News Update:Guess what I finally started my own series called"The Legend of Pichu"So plz check it out!!!I OWN NOTHING!!!!!!That's all for now BYE:D!!!!