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Im not getting back on the DSi...Im starting to get concerned...

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I like: anime(original YuGiOh especially), yaoi, b00bies, drawing, music(vocaloid, system of a down, disturbed, bullet for my valentine, Hollywood undead, eminem, godsmack, and evanescence especially) cooking, blo od, g0re, violence, kn!fes and debates

I H@TE: n00bs, flamers, h0m0phob*c people, religious extre@mists (ya know those self proclaimed "Jesus freaks", egomaniacs, people who worship famous creators, id!0ts who make bullying flips and sob stories, and liars

I don’t really like to RP, so sorry but im always open to art requests, so just ask if you'd like one :D

thank you to all my friends and fans your love and support is the only reason im still in this hell hole ^^