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The Awesome Friend: PeaceWolf

Teh Cool Kid: ArticWolf

My Buddy: Harmony

My DeviantArt Buddy: *Fang*

Teh Epicness: RikuWolf

Greetings Wolfen Watchers! Here's a little about me... I hope to be a #1 creator and to express my art in several different styles. :)

Btw I have a DeviantArt account see here:

And a YouTube account see here:

I also take animating classes and love to make my art come to life, i guarantee to you that you'll love to to view my animations and hopefully we can all be friends. Also, my specialty in animation is wolves. I respect and care about each and every fan and appreciate them for taking their time to view and add stars to my flipnotes. :D

So remember, you all are very important to me and each and every one of you count.

Thanks for the 1000 fans, 600,000 stars, and for viewing my animations! It really means a lot when you view them because I work weeks on my animations that I draw just for you.


I do use Wolf's Rain as a reference but it's not stealing, it's fan art because cause I love WR. I don't trace either and I hate false reporters.

You don't have to ask to be my friend, because you're already are!

If you despise me for some odd reason, then go make your own Wolf Music Videos (WMV)

And stop reporting mine please!

I have weekly blogs updating my status and informing you about my upcoming events. They're called "Wolfen's Blog"

Currently I am not able to post ANY flipnotes whatsoever do to my DSIXL that had a very odd malfunction and literally went haywire. But don't worry about the delay of flipnotes because I'm making them on my Uncle's DSIXL and when my other DS gets fixed I will post them.

So.. A little about me if ya want to know.. :D

So there you have it, now please don't ask dumb questions about me.

I have a social life ya know so I'm not going to be on here every minute of my life so don't be upset if don't post stuff 24/7 or if I don't reply.

Also, it's appreciated if you don't ask "CAN I BE IN THE NEXT HATENA WOLVES??!!!"

It annoys me so and if you ask you're lowering your chances of being in it.

Leader Wolfen