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Rain, Thunder and Me, Memsey

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Rain, Thunder and Me, Memsey

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There are 3 (yes 3) of us who share our DSi. Thunder, Rain, and me. Thunder and Rain are real, honest to goodness twins. I am Mimsey, the last one. Sometimes we work together. Sometimes separately. Sometimes one person can cause such a ruckus! Especially when each of us thinks my idea (NO! Mine!)(No, mine!)is the best and should be developed RIGHT NOW.

Mimsey likes to read everything you write. Your descriptions, your profile, your comments... and likes to think she gets to know each of you a little tiny bit; and in a Hatena Flip-note-ee sort of way, becomes friends. Mimsey also writes a lot in case you feel that way too. (Rain writes a lot too I've noticed.)

Yes I do :) -Rain

Thunder gives us ample fodder for our flipnote ideas!!!

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