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Hi! I'm Fox~of~God. And so far, I'm making 3 series called,Star Eye's Quest,Pixie in Lone Wolves,and,Journey of a Mystic Fox.(that's a Christion series.)Well Star Eyes Quest and Pixie in Lone Wolves are really at a pause. I'll still do them, but just when I have enough time to do them. I'm sorry if you thought I quit them,But guess what? THEY'RE STILL AT GO! :D I`m a Christian, and I love wolves, foxes, and birds. Also, even if I don`t seem like I am, I`m Autistic. When I was about 3, they dignosed me with Autism. It just means I`m..... well... different. It`s not contagous, it`s just a disorder. My birthday`s on July 21st, I was born in 1997, and I have... I guess alot of friends on hatena.(GodsWolf, Kodiewolf,Epicwolf,Linkwolf, and a whole lot more! May God bless you forever and always! -Fox~of~God