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I'm so tempted to give up on Boo in Wonderland, it's just no fun anymore.. plus, I have GCSE's this year.. BIW has become a side project~


Touhou Bad Apple Mix - Shadow Art

Dreams Don't Turn to Dust Animation

More Sketches and Drawings

Hi there, my name is Sophie, and I love drawing and photography :D

I love listening to Owl City, their music is so relaxing =w=

Oh, and dubstep is AWESOME.

My DeviantArt:


I have Facebook too, so if you want to add me let me know and I'll give you my name :3

I have quite a few characters, and I will soon make a few more official.

I'm against any form of star begging, flipnote stealing, etc. and I don't add anyone who asks me to add them to their favourites!