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Wazzup everyone my name is "G"

actually my real name is Giovanni

and my last name is...

this is my first year being here and i have lots to do because im makeing 5 series.

My first one is 1 VS 50 (im not coping BosS this is my own version)u know about that series. go check it out the. My second is a cartoon series its called Halo and Lyle there are both angels in an angel world as u can see i drew Lyle on my profile i also drew Halo on my profile as u can see. The sereies (i cant spell it right :P)is going to come out after part 2 of 1 vs 50 comes out i need some time to work on it.

My third sreies is The "G" story its about a stick figher name Geno,("G" thats me lol) and i dont want to spoil the whole thing so ur going have to wait for now

my fourt sereis is the my own shock sereis (CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGAINAL ON STICKPAGE) the website is stickpage.com and look for shock series its awesome

And my last series is stick figures on crack and im not stealing this is just for fun that im making the series and its on youtube.com i already made some before i didnt had an account but im remaking them credit goes to the origanl creator of stick figures on crack.

My top ten favorite creaotrs:












100 fans

get so much stars from not begging

become famous

MY birthday is on 1/16 im 13 right now and im a boy

And thats enoff of me for now so "G"... is out.

WAIT i forgot something wait did i? hmmmm.... oh yea about "G" story im going get some ideas from movies im gonna give creadit this is for "G" story.

i know i dont make my own ideas but guys im not good at making ideas sorry :( but there r going to be different im not a stealer got it -_-

OK done now "G" is out FOR REAL!

OK maybe not but my friend is gonna give me some ideas for some of the series(except for "G" story)

d-(^_^)-b (-_-)

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