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Hatena name: Pxmas ※

Real name: Polly

Age: 13

Birthday: 1st March

Gender: Female

Pokémon White FC: 0690 9096 9284

Likes: Drawing Pokémon, Kirby and Dreamy

Dislikes: Haters, false reporters and people who copy flips

If you want a Pokémon, Kirby or Dreamy icon just ask me and tell me what you want! ^.^ I'll try and draw any!

I'm on most of the time so if you wanna chat and stuff I'll be there!

If you want to add me on anything else I'm on Facebook, Deviantart and Skype.

I have 2 channels Pxmas Official Channel and Pokemon! xD Please feel free to post in these channels and if I have time I will try to add stars! ^.^

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