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Hi! I am MegaDude! ( I am not DuDe~, I am MegaDude!)

Here are some things to know about me:

First name: Harry

Last name: WouldIactuallytelluthis

Age: 10

Hobbies: Magic Tricks, Making Comics, Making Flipnotes, Eating Stuff

I hope you guys like my flipnotes!!! OF7o

Check out Ultrablast's flips in my favorites. He's my friend in real life and he was the one who told me about Flipnote Studio in the first place!

Here are some goals:

Get a flip in the most popular: Not Achived

Get over 20 fans: Achived

Get over 50 fans: O yush

Get over 100 fans:

Get 1000 stars on 1 flip: Achived

Get a ranking under 10,000: Achived

Get a ranking under 1,000:

Best ranking: 1,167

Fave these people now!!!!!:

  • Scribbler
  • Anthony
  • sacuL:
  • $Alcapone$
  • Everyone else in my favorites

Here are some more goals:

Get put in an MV: Achived

Mah Epikal friends:

Sorry if I forgot U I dont remember all of them.