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Here's my story:

I'm of mixed ethnicities: Dad's from UK and Mum's from Japan. I speak both Japanese and British English (and American English). Although I currently reside in Japan, I receive education in an American school. (Hence my knowledge of American English) I LOVE music. In fact, I can't live without music. MUSE!!!!! I enjoy playing games, music (both listening to and creating), creating videos, reading, writing stories, music, hanging out with my mates, playing guitar, chatting, and MUSIC. Yes, I like MLP, but please don't look at me through your stereotypes. I feel that anyone who describes themself with the term “brony” is generalized by society as a weirdo who watches a show intended to entertain 8-year old girls, who is constantly intoxicating themself with fantasies of the shows characters, and who hordes pony figurines. This prejudice is false. I'm merely one of many who have sought and found shelter in the internet from society's judgemental eyes and hurtful lips. Although I may be part of the herd, I enjoy having my own identity. Please accept this young brony.

Never stop CLASH.EXE, TommyXE, 'cuz you know it rules! :P