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OK srsly whoever is like stalking my comments and reading my conversations... STOP!!! Its getting on my nereves! And its really creepy T_T. You got to stop being so nosey. I'm not gonna point fingers, but you know who you are.


Boys say that in everything they do, they can kick a girl's butt so bad that they cry. If you're a girl who kicks the boys' butts so bad they cry like girls, copy this into your profile.

About BlueKat:

age: 12

B-day: June 22

Likes: awesomeness, good art, lovers XD, chocolate, Pokemon , animules, animating, swimming, running, volleyball, art, nice ppls, pwning noons XP, God, friends, family

Dislikes: Creepers, Stalkers, ppls who stare at other ppls in the locker rooms 0.o, judgeamental ppls, FR, Starbeggers, jerks, ect. :>

Bffihaee: kiyuki

Bff: silver sky

Sister: Dragonfly

Bro: Audeo

Grammer Nazii: Michelle M. XD Jk


Species: Houndour

Age: 13

Gender: Dude

Bio: Hunter is a very nice houndoom. But when people mess with his friends he will be very hot tempered. His best friend Parker the riachu is very supportive of him and his girlfriend Audrey eventhough a Delicatty and houndoom dont look quite right together. He is much nicer then he seems but can be quite aggressive when you first meet him, but after a while he is quite a softy. Out of his friends he is the best singer and he is also the strongest. A Little Backstory: Hunter is well a hunter, he loves to hunt but one day when he was a tiny houndour, while he was in the forest he accidental set a leaf on fire and it got caught in a tree and started a wild fire.

Likes: Country music, Kayla, and his friends and family.

Dislikes: Water, Haters, school, classical music

Favourite Quote: "Life is a highway and im gonna ride it my way" - Rascal Flatts

Sounds like: Rascal Flatts :D

Moves: Beat up, Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Foul Play


Species: Raichu

Age: 13

Gender: Dude

Bio: Parker is the ladies man of the group. He flirts with almost everygirl he meets. It kinda bugs his best friend Hunter the Houndour. Parker is very Agile and is the fastest in the group. He is Actually shiny and is very sparkley a little more than most shineys. Hunter likes to call him edward or vampire boy. A little Backstory: Parker's family had Died in a wild fire in firewood Forest. To this day Parker has a horrible fear of fire even though his best friend Hunter is a fire type.

Likes: Gurls XD, His friends, and dancing.Xp

Dislikes: fire, Baths XD, Chocolate(he is alergic)

Sounds like: Bruno Mars :)

Favorite Quote: "Your not my friends, your my second family," - Anynomous

Moves: Attract XD, Thunder Wave, Thunder Fang, Volt Tackle


Species: Floatzel

Age: 14

Gender: Dude

Bio: Chantler is an easygoing fun loving pokemon. He is know for his amazing water art ( or water acrobatics) and is loved by many. He is very outgoing and is a really nice guy. His best friend Cory though died many years ago after a wildfire. But ever since he met Amber he felt happy and forgot all about the incident.

Likes: Water, Amber, Friends and family and Chocolate XD (hehe poor Parker)

Dislikes: Wanna-Be's, Attention Hogs, and stalkers

Sounds like:Justine Bieber JK!! Jesse McCartney :)

Moves: Surf, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Ice Beam


Species: Pachurisu

Age: 12

Gender: Gal

Bio: Pepper is a VERY Hyper pokemon, she is the cute one of the group :D and loves Rare Candy. She has a kitty tooth instead of buck teeth for a pachurisu. She kinda has a small country accent and has freckals or "angel kisses". She is a little larger than most pachurisus (not fat) XD and her electricity is light pink instead of yellow. She is also a shiny Pokemon giving her an advantage in the ribbon competions she competes in. In my game she has 10 ribbons :-)

Likes: Rare Candy, winning, cuteness, poffins

Dislikes: mud, loosing, messy fur, stoopidd

Sounds like: applejack with helium XD

Moves: Sweet kiss, Charm, Volt switch, Thunder fang


Species: Zorua

Age: 13

Gender: Gal


Zora is a shiny zorua. She is very secretive and quite at first but once you befriend her she is full of tricks. She is the most mature of the group and knows how to get things together. She wears an ever stone wristband on her wrist (Duh) so she never evolves. She once was apart of the ever and forever club with Audrey and Kate but quit the group a little while after.

Likes: Moonlight, Calmness, perfection, Power

Dislikes: Stoopidd, Roudyness, intense heat

Sounds like: Selena Gomez :P

Moves: moonlight, Foul Play, Substitute, Night Daze


Species: Flareon

Age: 14

Gender: gal


Amber is a easy going, fun loving flareon she is the most happiest one of the group. She is happy go lucky and loves to hang out with her friends. She also has thee strongest defence in the team and the most HP. She almost Never gets angry unless its worth getting angry about. When she engages in battle the white stuffs of fur on her body start to heat up until they are nearly crackling with fire. Her coloring is slightly lighter than ,most flareons and her stuffs are white instead of yellowish.

Likes: intense Heat, art, dancing XD

Dislikes: Coldness, meanies, jelousey

Sounds like: Miranda Cosgrove

Moves: Lava Plume, Fire Blast,Fire Fang,Fire spin

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