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Hi, it me Andrew, and me Alex. This is our introduction to our "About me"

Name: Andrew/Alex

Age: 14/13

Birthday: Sometime in January/August

Gender: Were brother's thats one hint :)

How to know which on of us is online:

Look at the icon

Tyran Icon: Tyran is online

Funknote Icon: Funknote is online

People who are our hatena friends:

EmeraldX (id:EmeraldX) forgot how i met him... X3

Moonlight (id:RayRay26) first friend on hatena

Silver (id:turkehgurl101) friend that inspires me

TribalPaws (id:luis-xochipa) my awesome friend

Shiny Luxio (id:marceoftheshinypokemon) my chatty friend

Kabi (id:Grrarg) the friend thats a fan that actually cares X3

GhostRiolu (id:Riolu2000) my newest generation buddeh :D

GhostMunch (id:Munchlax2000) my friend's friend thats now my friend X3

Pups (id:CHL) friend that my friend know that eventually chats with me not so often X3

PSL (id:PokemonSpecialLover) my friend that likes pokemon special X3

Scottie (id:MegamanStarforce149) my friend that likes megaman XD

Oni Ookami (id:rosedragon29) my friend that likes resident evil X3

Shada (id:Shada) my friend that looks like he can be at the top of hatena

List of ppl that inspire us:

Everyone on my friends list above




Meta Kirby


Pake the hedgehog



If ur not on either list, ur either not my freind or u bore me to death :P and I'm now a ghost ooooooooo (or I hav no idea who u are or I forgot to add u) plz tell me if I forgot. And for all them liars, I'm not easily tricked.

I finnaly made a DeviantArt account, heres a link:

Andrew -

Alex -

Tyran's Wishes:

Funknote's Wishes: