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Hatena name: Rose-girl

Real name: Stephany

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Favourite flower: Roses (obviously>v<)

Favourite manga/anime: .Naruto .Hellsing .Chibi Vampire .Mew mew power . Yu-gi-oh .Demon Diaries .Bleach .Death Note .

.Kaichou wa Maid-sama .Special A .Last Game

Favourite hobbies: reading manga .watching anime .drawing .sleeping


EDIT: I was posted Collab(continue) flip. I wonder how long this collab will last? lol.



I just made my 1st channel. I called it "Rose-girl and fans". It's

called that because I made the channel for my fans and friends^^

For example: If any of ye had fanart for any of my series, than instead of spending ages putting the fanart in other channels you can put it in my channel:3 I hope you like the new channel. Although, NO STEALERS OR COPIERS ARE ALLOWED, COPIERS OR STEALERS WILL BE REPORTED. Just warning...


Next Flip: 1. 205 fans flip (I just got my 205th fan... THANKS! >w< so I'm gonna make a 205 fans flip. (Not PV, I

just made one of those) It'll be

very random! XD 2. Masked Villain (who knows when I'll post this.. it's taking FOREVER to make =^=')

3. Collab with Yasu-kun 4. PV (maybe? don't know)

5. Cards of Fate: Chapter 13 ( I already started on chapter 13, so I may draw/post that next.)


NB: These flips may/not be posted in that order. It depends

on my motivation and laziness.

That was everything.Bye for now!