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◕0◕~~♥Nyuuuu (。・ ω ・。) ‹3 Konnichiwa!!Konnichiwa!!!!♥

ғor every ѕтar; ☆

тнere'ѕ a ѕтory, an advenтυre; ☆

a ѕтory. ☆

ιм peanυт вυттer nd yew are jelly 8D

Lawl X3 I'm Riyuki :D -meh real name- And words can't describe meh oAo

(insert epic thing heree) :D

I'm an anime freak >0<, i lovee eet!!!

I don't read bookz, i read manga e3e

(Insert age here) oAo

Kerroro Sgt. Frog is my favorite animehh evar!! >w<

Kerro Kerro Kerro<3

I also love chao ;D I own every sonic game with chao (cuz they iosh mah favorite animal of all time)

e-e Yeahh, ^3^ i'm weird

I listen to rock andd pop :3 andd somee hip hop ;o

I lyke SOME poetry ewe

Omochao are really uber fun to bounce on ^w^

Finally i found time to update dis! ◕w<

So mai top favorite animehs are these lil Catfaces:~~

1.Keroro Gunso ◕o◕

2.Pokemon Classics >O<

3.FMAlchemist ewe

4.Bleach -takes out -pwnage bankai-

5.Fooly Cooly >w<

I also have an addiction to pocky eAe...the strawberry kind<3

Its yummeh yummeh in mai tummeh :3

Also i haz 8 hamstahs >:D



Munchie, Gigolo (dun ask),Beat,Terra,Tariri (mai keramster x3),Eevee (christmas hamstah owo),Soulja, and Nujie