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Hey guys.. I hope you read this, 'cause i got to busy.

I'm not coming back again, cause i wanna draw on paper.. and i think i'm much better with drawing on paper, lol xD

the thing is : My dream is, that I wanna be a Mangaka ( one Person, who's drawing Mangas)

I'm not going to finish Silence of Dead ON HATENA.

Only some know what I'll do with it.

Some last words :

I rlly LOVED Hatena. I learned here how to draw... It's now one year, since I was the first time on Hatena.

Since winter 2010/2011 i became friends.. Dilka & Coco. Then I got more and more friends. Cheeky was one of them. (remember= Cheeky+me= best friends Shoogy, Sky, Squirrel = 2) I love everyone here on Hatena, it's kinda hard for me to leave..

The one who inspired me is Abii♥ . I loved her work, since i saw it the first time here on Hatena. Last year I thought: I want to draw like her !

I learned the most things of her work. Now I've found my own style. My work looks now much better, as I drew befor 4 months. I'm proud of this. And now I wanna draw in real.



xx Jasmin alias May ♥♫