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  • UPDATE 15/9-

Hi minna-san! I'm Srta. Bambú, fan of Kagamine Twins and Vocaloid in general, Umineko VNs, Higurashi, Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, and more... You can call me Bambú or Bamboo^^

I am from Spain, but I can speak in english and a bit of french, but not so much. Some people were asking about my age, I'm 15>.<

I'm always busy with school and those things so I can't answer all the comments, gomen ; ;

I have a DA account but I don't usually visit it, so if you send me a comment probably i won't answer you =.=u

Here's my email adress:

The next proyects I'm working in are:

-Evil Saga (Daughter of Evil, servant of evil, regret message, rebirth and daughter of white (a lot of work ><)

-Request part 2(continuation)

-Vocaloid PV

.....Ten-faced, gumi

.....Rin rin signal

.....remakes of old PVs

-Furuba gallery


-L.U.&R.S. halloween edition! (i'm thinking on add answers&questions, so you can ask me something (via email) and i'll reply you in this flip. also, you can send my your anime/manga/novels recommendations and i'll post the best)


"Stars are just pixels, who cares" _ Tay-cat