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Im obviously a stick-fighter. I have a small new series called True Blue. My O.Cs are named Blue the True Blue Bro, Gloob, and D-boy. My first ever O.C is named DJ Smiles. You MIGHT see him sometime, idk.

My most favorite ppl on here:

Ashley, me and her got married a while back. Shes my wifey <3 ;D

Ironninja, Dude ur amazing at the art of stick-fighting. Ur a weird dude [kinda like myself] u wanna be an actor [like myself] and ur the most friendly famous creator ive met on here.

Trust, This guy right here is a bro. Amazing stick-fighter. U got this style and ur stick-figs are perfect when i see them. I can tell from when i added u on FB u may be a mean dude [like myself]

Beast, I think i met u when i made the first Tryx clan. U are a master of speed7. u got me into speed7 and im glad u did. You got style [like myself]

Hannah (Legacy), what a great buddy u are. Im glad i met you on here. Ur just about the most yummy girl on here, Rofl. Ur fun to chat with. Hope i get facebook again.

Natalie, Ur a chill @ss girl. I dont even remember how i met u. Ur funnto talk to cuz i can relate to u. Im jealous cuz u live in Cali tho. ]:<

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