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Come! Relax! Make yourself at home! I do my best to create warm comforting flips for you to enjoy. I work really hard on my flips so it might be a while till I post again. My average time span between flipnotes is about one to two weeks.

I'm a 16 year old guy and live in the scorching state of Texas.

I wont tell you my name because I dont feel like it.

I have some very weird goals.

(That means every flip i do has to be good)

I'm normally a shy guy in real life. But I'm very nice.

I Promise to add stars if you deserve it.

And I promise to look at you flips if you ask me too.

I also promise to talk to you in chats if you say Hi to me.

So stick around, say hi, watch some flips, (Dont false report)

And I promise to do the same.