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My name isn't important anymore. (Woot.)

Erm. this is sorta of my Resignation.

Cause guess what I quit. Becoming famous is hard.

My day's used to be like, socialize, don't give a ****

and there. Pretty good.

I've always wanted criticism to learn how to draw better and to be entertained, but hatena. WAS HORRIBLE.

This damn app ruined my life. well 50%. BLEH.

W.e who cares? i don't CONFETTI!

Ops. I'm sorry

That's an inside joke. with a friend. from real life. cause i have those. Do you?

We don't know.

This is my old art.

Have fun guys.

Don't ask me out. I have a girl friend named Johanna. she's my beautiful rainicorn princess.

Go away.

Did i mention I'm a communist. You think its bad. Go **** yourself you damn capitalist.

That's it i guess. i don't even want to be remembered by my old name. so Just call me...