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Welcome to the Noggly's creator room. I'am a 14 years old boy who love draw.

Watch over 50 Flipnotes!

Watch comedy and musical Flipnotes!

Over 960 fans! (It's not over 9000!)

Over 400 000 gold stars!

Over 900 comments!

Highest Hatena rank, 2nd place!

In this place you can watch a lot of Flipnotes made by me. I didn't got any goals because I'm happy with all my fans, friends and number of stars on Flipnotes. This is one of the most addictive place I have ever seen! When you enter you can't escape of it... join to hatena...NOW!

(They pay me for say it, just kidding guys!)

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For making good Flipnotes you need a crazy mind.

Come watch my drawing on

P.D.: Unicorns do not come from this planet... THEY COME FROM RAINBOW LAND! (ok... That was a RANDOM thing but, whatever... dX)


Updated 25/08/2011

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