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Hello, Setsu Uzumaki here. Got a little bored w/my profile Description so here it goes....

Me: :/ Where da heck am I?

Red: Somewhere you don't belong.....

Me: WHA?!! :O Red!! wth?!!

Red: :P Heh, sorry. Couldn't help that......Where's Boma-Kun?

Me: How da he.ll am I supposed 2 know?

Blue: *Slowly walks in* T_T I'm unloved!!

Me: I love ya!!

Blue: *Glares @ Setsu* Meh.....IDC about you loving me.

Me: :( Well that's just mean.....

Blue: I didn't mean it that way. I ment, the love you have 4 me is different. More like family love. I mean true love.

Red: That's cuz u r a Baka Blue. :P

Blue: Hush up!! I has this scar cuz of u!!