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Well, Im 18 and im going to major in computer information and technology. later on ill major in concept art to become a world known famous game designer. you have to start somewhere so im seeing how many friends i can make here, and how much people will like the flips that i make. I will never ask for any of you to give me stars, i will judge how much people like my flips by my views. If you want to add stars, go ahead but I absolutely refuse to ask for them. they may be a show of how much people like your flip but they can also be added more than once. Now views are a different thing. Thats what I am aiming for here. A LOT of views and a lot of fans. woot

and holy crap! ive gotten stars from japan?! with my stick fights, im hoping thats what theyve starred but there awesome at stick fights on hatena! normally i dont care about stars, but when im given some by some of the best stick fight animators on here? oh man! ACHIEVEMENT! woot woot!

I am working on a series with another creator right now and her name is DiZ. go check her out, shes awesome and seriously one of the best stick fight animators on this site so dont dis her until youve seen what she can do. but i basically think anyone who really puts hard work into what they do deserves for everyone to notice and appreciate it. If ya want to know more about me, just ask:) but be creative about it!!:D