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I love games such as Kirby, SSBB, and pretty much any Nintendo game. I have my own charators, I draw them and I animate, (obviously) I love cats, imagenary cretures, writing Meta' and OC fanfics, and reading books such as warriors, The Sight, Pendragon, and ALOT of others! :3 I LOVE to watch anima such as SOUL EATER,Inuyashi, and others (including invader ZIim! ^^). I hope to become at least some-what of a good animator. and I hope ppl enjoy mah flips. oFTo


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(sorry i was gone..^^"" BTW Austin will be back soon as well with MORE AWESOME FLIPS!!!)

~Shadow Kat~ Hurricane 15% DOne: I WILL WORK ON IT O_O

~Shaow Kat, Kuris, AG~ Don'r Regret. 45% Done:.Im working on it alot.

~Shadow, Dream~ I let Go. DONE!!, just a short anamation.